How to Become a Millionaire

Everybody wants to become a millionaire in their lifetime.  What people don’t realize is that you can!  Anybody can become a millionaire, but it is going to take time and effort on your part.

So, how do you go from where you are now to becoming a millionaire?  Well there are three critical steps that you must follow.  Just by following these steps you are setting yourself up on the right path for financial success.

  1. Save Money

Everyone has heard about the importance of saving money, but yet we all spend money and wind up regretting it later on.  But if you ever want to get ahead financially, saving your money and spending less money on pointless stuff is the first step.

In fact if you have ever read the millionaire next door you will find that most millionaires are cheap.  They simply do not spend money.  Warren Buffet who was once the richest man on the world lives off of $100,000 a year, far below his means.

You do not have to be “cheap” once you become a millionaire, but it will help you to get there.

  1. Look For Other Ways to Make Money

Very few millionaires got that way through their job.  If you want to become truly wealthy then you are going to have to look for extra income sources outside of work.  The vast majority of millionaires are business owners.

Businesses have an unlimited profit potential.  If you own a business you are no longer limited to the number of hours in the day.  You no longer get paid by the hour, but by the customers and it is easier to find more customers then it is to find more hours in the day.

There are good parts and bad parts to owning a business.  It means that you could only be paid $10 for 20 hours of work, but it also means that you could be paid $100,000 for the same amount of work.  But as your business grows however it has more potential, provided it was on solid grown when it started.

Build a strong long term business and you will be surprised at what it brings you.

  1. Invest Money

Of course if you do have a business and a job it is going to make it easier to save up your money.  But if you just put that money in the bank you are fighting against inflation.

That is why most millionaires will invest their money into stocks, real estate, or something else with decent long term potential. 

Becoming a millionaire is a slow process that takes years or even decades to achieve.  There is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme that works.  But if you do your work at it and follow these steps it is very possible to achieve your goals after a few years.


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I have an entrepreneurial spirit and love to better myself.
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